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WordPress Class Instructions

To create your new website, please follow the directions posted on this page. When you click on the link, it will open a new page. Keep this page open and go back and forth between this page and the Siteground page so you can view these instructions and take the steps provided here, on the Siteground website. It may take a couple days to see your site created.

  1. Click the “Siteground” button below to go to the website hosting company we’ll be using.

2. You will arrive at a page like the photo below. Select WEB HOSTING, which is circled. Do NOT select WordPress Hosting.

Page 2 -Select the Startup plan.

3. Select your domain name, which is what your website will be named. You can use any extension, which can be yourwebsite.com or yourwebsite.biz or any other offered extension. An extension is .com or .biz. If a website name is already used, you will have to select another name or another extension. 

AFTER you have selected your website name , scroll down the page and select the Domain Registration circled in red. THEN, scroll a bit further and press PAY.

Step 4 .Enter the information required below to complete the registration of your domain name and set up your account with Siteground.

Please write down your password(s) and bring them to class so you can work on the website.

5. Next step ……Domain Registration

6. Next step – Proceed to customer area.

Step 7 – steps shown below Follow these steps shown below. IF it’s a new site, select – start a new website. If you are transferring a website you already have, click – Transfer a website. Then, select WordPress, highlighted below. Remember your login information.

Step 8 – Make sure to watch what is selected and what isn’t, below.

Step 9

Step 10

You will receive this message stating “YOUR HOSTING ACCOUNT IS READY TO USE”. BRING YOUR PASSWORDS to class.


Please call Siteground at the number below and ask them to install the plugin to  make your site secure. When they do, your site will change from http to https. 

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