In our pages below the Portfolio link, we offer you the services we specialize in.  Please note that while we can do almost every type of photography, we advertise the ones we have done the most.  If you have any questions or requests for photography, please contact us and we’ll either answer any questions you have, direct you to those who can help or we’ll make arrangements to move forward with your requests for photographic work.

We have done and are offering photography for attorney’s who need photos of accident cases and or legal cases. Please contact us for further information or prices in such cases. We have experience shooting images for attorneys in rape cases and auto accident cases.

  • See our video for the City of North Port on the Video page.

Our entire portfolio may not be shown but it includes:

  • Portraits and family portraits on location
  • High School Senior photo shoots
  • One on one teaching
  • Photo colorization
  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Celebration of Life Videos
  • Attorney cases
  • Pets
  • Landscapes
  • Real Estate
  • Commercial Applications

CONTACT US  for any information or to book our services.