About Us


To provide the best photography and editing to our clients at affordable prices with honesty and integrity. 

Thank you for visiting our Ajocreations Photography page. Our photographer is Andrzej (Andy) and his assistant / wife is Jacqueline. We want to provide a short history so you can feel assured we will do a good job for  you and you’ll know more about us..

Photographer Andy received his first camera at age 12 as a gift from his uncle. As a result, over the years, he took thousands of images with that camera and it gave him an interest he would continue most of his life. He took camera courses in college and continued to progress in knowledge and interest in photography.

In 1985, he became an apprentice photographer for a high level corporate photographer at General Motors. At the same time, he was asked to apprentice with a friend who began a wedding photography business. The 2 relationships worked hand in hand as he grew in knowledge of photography very quickly, mainly because he loved this type of work.

After 2 years, he opened his own wedding and portrait photography business and shot weddings for 16 years.  He retired from our business in Michigan and moved to Florida. His biggest accomplishment, beside providing great memories for so many brides and grooms, was shooting an entire 14 page brochure for Ford Motor Company.

After moving to Florida and enjoying doing nothing for a couple years, he resumed his interest in photography by beginning to teach photography for the City of North Port.  Consequently, he  soon developed a real excitement for taking images again. Now, his wife and he have begun working in the photographic world again.

Currently, Andrzej is teaching photography classes and photo editing at Suncoast Technical College in North Port.