One of our passions is portraiture. Whether it’s family, senior, or just a single person looking to do something interesting for herself, we will accomodate your request to the best of our abilities.

Family Portraiture

Family portraits are a special kind of love inspired images. It’s great to see a family being themselves and loving each other. Capturing the moment brings joy to our hearts.

Children's Portraiture

One of our passions is children’s portraiture. We see children as a precious gift from God. Their radiant smiles light up the screen wherever they appear.

Senior Portraits

WE LOVE photographing high school senior’s graduation portraits. You have such great passion for life and living. Your laughter is contagious and energy is your entrance to success. So, let us capture your personality in photos.

Corporate Portraiture

Do you need business cards for your personnel? We can do it. Do you need portraits of your staff for your website? We can do that, too. Whatever your need, we can do it. Contact us, please, and we’ll set up a session on site, at your your place of business.


We were in Palm Beach one day and saw this couple holding each other, the man in a USMC uniform, so we approached them and asked a couple questions about his plans for the military. He was just 18 and leaving shortly for another country so I asked if they’d like a photo of themselves. They agreed and I took several and emailed them to them. 

It was already dark and I didn’t have my studio lighting so I used what I could to get a decent shot. They really liked this photo and were very thankful that we did this for them. I’m very glad we did. He’s giving his life, potentially, for our country and it was the least we could do for them. Acts of kindness are good. Spread them to others as well, please.