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Andrzej Oscilowicz

Currently, I am teaching Photography and Photo editing classes at Suncoast College.  I’ll be teaching an entire new batch of classes beginning August through December, 2024.  From Beginning Photography to Windows 10, you can register at the link below.

Classes are held in North Port at the Suncoast Technical College at I-75 and Toledo Blade and in Sarasota at Beneva and Proctor. 

Classes I will be teaching in North Port:



WordPress came out 3 years ago with a new design with the latest update, 5.0, called Gutenberg. Gutenberg changed the entire process on how to create a website. So, this class will be a good time to jump in and begin using a brand new method, using “blocks”  or pre-designed manner to creaete your website. In this class, we’ll set up a website from scratch before you come to the 1st class.

We’ll be using Siteground as the hosting company. I will provide you step by step directions on how to purchase your website space on Siteground. When you come to class, we’ll begin building your website from scratch so you will understand every step of the design and build you select. Please follow the link to begin your website HERE.

IF you already have a hosting company, you can continue to use it if it’s set up for WordPress.


The main goal in this class is for you to understand your cameras and to go from using Auto Mode to Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and eventually prepare you for Manual Mode in Digital Photography 2 Class. You will learn ISO, aperture and shutter functions of your camera. Other topics include understanding and using the camera metering system to achieve properly lit images.   If you are thinking of purchasing any equipment, wait for this class to start and I’ll give you money saving tips on where and what kind of equipment to purchase, including flash units for your cameras.

You should download these extensive manuals, with much more informational than the ones you receive with your cameras.

Nikon Manual download –  https://downloadcenter.nikonimglib.com/en/index.html
Canon Manual download – https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/support/camera-user-manual


This class begins where the Beginner class left off. You’ll be assigned photo sessions of various topics using what you learned in class that week. Topics include advancing from the Priority modes to Manual Mode. We’ll be able to do on site, indoor and outdoor, photography during class so your questions can be answered as you shoot. I’ll review and gently critique your work, which is a great way to learn. We’ll go into more detail about focusing, metering Other topics back button focusing, metering,


We’ll learn to edit lighting conditions and photos in the Library and Develop modules You’ll learn to use the Library Module to organize your photos. We’ll be using Lightroom CC in class, which is the latest version. If you are taking this class to determine if you will like it first, just come to class with photos on a flash drive. This is one of the best software packages you will buy if you are a photographer. Lightroom CC is a monthly subscription of $9.99, comes with Adobe Photoshop and is intended for Photography businesses.  Lightroom and Photoshop work hand in hand to create a great finished product.

Please bring photos on a flash drive to this class to edit, including photos that are too dark or not properly lit. Here’s a small example of the use of Lightroom to change the image lighting.


This class picks up where the Beginner Class left off. We’ll cover the following modules: Maps, if applicable, Books, Slideshow, Print and Web. And, we’ll continue to learn editing techniques of painting with light.


Please bring short video clips, audio files and photos on a flash drive for this class.

Photography Around North Port class

We’ll be shooting in a few spots, including wildlife, people, action, landscapes and more.


We’ll be using the latest version, Photoshop  2022 on the school computers. If you already have an older version, you can keep it on your laptop and bring it to class. You can purchase Photoshop and Lightroom from Adobe for a monthly fee. The newer versions have important updates for easier use. When you sign up for class, download the photos below to work on in class.

Please bring photos on your flash drive to class to work on.

 ******Click on each image below and save them to your USB drive and bring them to class. *******


I am available for private lessons as well. We can meet at your home, office or another agreeable location. Classes start at $75 for 1 hour or $140 for 2 hours. An entire 5 class session is available, a total of 10 hours, at your convenience, for only $499. Contact me for details below.

E-mail me between lessons for help at no additional charge.

Provided at no additional charge.

Assignments to be completed between lessons.
I will assign a project for you to shoot for the week’s lesson and we’ll review the results.


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