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Currently, I am teaching Photography and Photo editing classes at Suncoast College.  I’ll be teaching an entire new batch of classes beginning Jan 22, 2019.  From Beginning Photography to Windows 10, you can register at the link below.

Classes are held in North Port at the Suncoast Technical College at I-75 and Toledo Blade.  To view the entire class schedule, please click on the link:

Classes I will be teaching only in North Port:

Winter Classes 2019 (Jan – Apr)


For your Lightroom class, I recommend you purchase a download or if you can find it, a copy on CD. This is one of the best software packages you will buy if you are a photographer. Do a search for Lightroom 6, which is around $140. If you don’t have Lightroom, we’ll be using Lightroom 6 at the school.


Please bring short video clips, audio files and photos on a flash drive for this class.

Photography Around North Port class

We’ll be shooting in a few spots, including wildlife, people, action, landscapes and more.

Photoshop Elements 1 and 2 classes

You can purchase Photoshop Elements 15 for $49-$79, depending where you purchase it. Elements 2019 is available for purchase at reasonable prices at various locations. Shop online and download the software to your laptop and bring your laptop to the class or use the school’s desktop. As of this date, Jan. 15, we’ll be using Elements 2019 in class. The latest version is Elements 2019. There are not many differences among the versions so if you have a newer version or if you purchase or purchased a newer one, that will be fine in class.

Please bring photos on your flash drive to class to work on.

Photoshop Elements software, on a Windows 10 computer, requires a 64-bit version. 

I am available for private lessons as well. We can meet at your home, office or another agreeable location. Classes start at $75 for 1 hour or $125 for 2 hours. An entire 5 class sessions are available, a total of 10 hours, at your convenience, for only $500

E-mail me between lessons for help at no additional charge.

Provided at no additional charge.

Assignments to be completed between lessons.
I will assign a project for you to shoot for the week’s lesson and we’ll review the results.


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